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Windows that add value to your home

As with our doors, we boast a large selection of aluminium and PVC-U windows with wood grain and a variety of coloured finishes. Selecting the right window can sometimes be daunting due to the overwhelming choices available but fear not as we can help to bring clarity. We will advise on the best style of windows to complement your property and to ensure that they keep your home safe and warm.

Please take a look at our e-brochures or visit us at our showroom to view and discuss your requirements.


All our windows have a 10-year guarantee if we have fitted them or a 5-year guarantee if we have supplied them only.

Insurance Claims

If you are claiming insurance on your windows, we are more than happy to assist by providing a quote and liaising with your insurers.

Our range of Windows

UPV-C Casement windows in rosewood with aged leadwork

Casement Window

A top or side- hung casement window is probably the most popular style of window in the UK due to its adaptability to suit most properties and its simplicity of use. It is also one of the most secure and thermally efficient windows, which can also be tailored for any sized space. When fitted with an Egress Easy Clean hinge, the outside pane of glass can be cleaned from the inside.

Flush casement window

Flush Casement

This style of window is timeless and elegant as it gives a simple and streamlined aesthetic to your property as it sits flush within the window frame without any overlapping. This window creates extra light, security and increased thermal performance. Hence, it is well suited to meeting the growing demand for energy efficient systems to replace traditional timber windows usually found in heritage properties. The range comes in a hue of colours to enhance your property. 

French Casement

The French casement window essentially operates like a French door with a primary and secondary leaf. It offers a clear and large opening at 90⁰ which allows for rapid ventilation. Another important aspect to this window is that it will keep you and your family safe when used as a fire escape on narrow windows. It also makes for easy cleaning of your outside pane of glass when an Egress Easy Clean hinge is used.

Tilt Before Turn

This style of window is an ideal solution for areas where there may be issues with window safety and window access. The unique design means that the window can be set in one of two positions, either tilted or fully opening inwards. This window is ideal for flats or upper floor windows as it allows maximum ventilation and is easy to clean from the inside.

Fully Reversible

Another great option for flats and upper floors of houses, where cleaning from the outside may be an issue, the fully reversible window rotates 180⁰ to allow for safe indoor cleaning. The opening sash does not enter the room which means it will not disturb your window dressing or blinds. The fully reversible window is very popular in Scotland and Northern Ireland as it fits perfectly with building regulations.

White PVC-U vertical sliding sash windows with double door

Vertical Slider

This window eliminates the rattling, jamming and draughty sashes of traditional sash windows. This precision engineered window gives you high security, low maintenance and energy efficiency. Both sashes will tilt for easy cleaning. This window suits both traditional and modern properties thanks to its design features. For a more traditional property, there is an option of astragal glazing bars and sash horns while there is a wide range of contemporary colours to make a difference to your home.

Bay window

Bay and Bow Window

This is a popular style as it adds character to a house while adding space inside. The arc of the bow can offer a larger internal window ledge area and the bay extends the floor space of the room it fronts. Depending on your choice and home, this window can also allow extra seating space (bay window seat) below it.

Shaped windows

Shaped Windows

Windows don’t need to be just square or rectangular! Depending on the design of your house, we are able to create a shape to suit your property and make it a feature in your home. This would be tailored to suit your taste.