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Radburys Wardrobe Doors

Radburys Wardrobe Doors

At Radbury, we don’t limit our products or our clients options which is why our Wardrobe Doors come in a large variety of styles and colours all of which can be specified to our clients individual needs!

We supply traditional, shaker and minimalist frames to ensure you find the wardrobes to suit your current design and furnishings!

Minimalist frames are a combination of both elegance and quality. With 8 coloured mirrors/glass available to choose from you are in full control of designing a unique frame.

Shaker frame wardrobes are an extremely popular choice as they are available in a choice of two frames which are walnut and oak you can customise it as you wish!

Traditional frames adapt to suit both modern and period surroundings with a choice of 8 frames available in antique, gold walnut, chrome, white, pear-wood, silver, beech and oak! The design options with traditional frames are almost endless!

Not only do we believe in providing a variety of options for our customers to choose form, we also provide customer service of the same quality. We have an experienced team at Radbury, who take pride in their knowledge and experience and would love to share it with you and help you with any choices or queries that you have!

Bespoke Painted Glass !

Bespoke Painted Glass !

At Radbury, ensuring our customers are happy is our main priority which is why we add in-demand products regularly. The latest product Radbury would like to showcase is our bespoke painted glass! Bespoke painted glass products can include applications to wall panels, shower cladding, worktops, shelves, signage, partitions and screens!

The craze for bespoke painted glass is understandable! All painted glass has a modern appearance and the choice of a variety of colours to ensure you get the perfect piece for your home! Not only is the product elegant, it’s also durable! Radbury only use quality products, our bespoke painted glass is no different. Your bespoke painted glass will keep its appearance for years to come!

To see some of the selections of bespoke painted glass and uses, have a look at our gallery! Which one is your favourite?

Secured by Design !

Secured by Design !

At Radbury, we believe it is important that our products are exactly what the customer wants! There a variety of reasons for having new windows and doors installed which include security and improving the visual appearance. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they choose to opt for a “secure” door, that they have to sacrifice many other requirements such as energy efficiency, visual appeal and convenience. At Radbury, you don’t have to sacrifice anything!

We offer police approved Secured by Design windows and doors which are both elegant and secure! Secured By Design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Offers and was established in 1989. SBD is a group of national police projects which primarily focus on the design and security for homes which includes producing quality security products and making them available to the public!

So, be rest assured that when you purchase SBD windows and doors from Radbury you aren’t compromising anything! You will receive quality, elegant products which offer full security whilst still having an astounding visual appearance! Our doors and windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes colours and finishes allowing you to find the perfect one for your home!

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